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We get these questions a lot!
Is it true that Holy Mackerel Small Batch Beers doesn't brew their own beer?

This is a common misconception. But, perhaps it’s best for us to answer this question with a question –

Let’s say John Smith from “Smiths Brewery ” always brewed a fantastic pale ale but at a certain point because he decided to focus on various aspects of growing the business decided he would hire a brewer to brew the beer. He trained him in detail on the ingredients and the procedure for brewing. Is “Smiths Brewery” brewing the beer?

Of course, and it’s the same at Holy Mackerel where we brew our recipes on a small batch brewery and than we share this process with another brewery to reproduce the beer for us so we are able to free ourselves up to focus on growing the business and working on new recipes.

Is Holy Mackerel Small Batch Beers A Local Brewery To South Florida?

We get asked this question quite a bit and we assume it’s because our beer is brewed under agreement with Thomas Creek Brewery in South Carolina.

Founder of Holy Mackerel, Bobby G. is a Hollywood Florida native. All our test batches are brewed locally and we strive to use local ingredients and local partners whenever possible as long as it doesn’t hinder quality. An example of this is our partnership with “Calusa Coffee Roasters” in Ft. Lauderdale. As for ourselves; we enjoy many other local brewery’s beers, however our true focus is on quality, PERIOD and we enjoy many a great craft beer from all over, and we hope that locals as well as fans from other states will appreciate our Demented brews. An interesting side-note is that even local brews often times use imported yeast, hops and grains from all over the world!

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Holy Mackerel! We've Got Our Own Brewery!!

The Holy Mackerel Garage Project is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  Our Brewery and tap room in Pompano Beach, had been a long time coming but it's finally a reality. We are now able to drink a beer with you in our small batch brewery AND show you around!

You can check out our up to date Beer Menu Here.

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The Holy Mackerel Project

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3260 NW 23rd AVE | SUITE 400 | Pompano Beach, FL 33069

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3260 NW 23rd AVE | SUITE 400
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